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The Unifier Campaign Respond to Joseph Abass Sannoh’s Ill-informed Allegations

Freetown, Sierra Leone: Today, the Unifier Campaign to elect Dr. Richard Konteh as the leader (flagbearer) for the All Peoples Congress Party (APC) issued the following statement responding to comments made at an AYV TV Show by Joseph Sannoh, a so-called civil society activist.

We are deeply disturbed by Mr. Sannoh’s ill-informed assertion of forgery that we believe is deliberately misleading and malevolent. Sannoh and his cohorts have continually engaged in an insidious campaign to damage the reputation of Dr. Konteh. We are confident that Mr. Sannoh knew very well that the issue he was referring to was brought to court, and after three years of investigations and court appearances, Dr. Konteh was vindicated. We want every Sierra Leonean to know that Dr. Konteh was never involved in such a thing as forging a president’s signature.

We call on Mr. Joseph Abass Sannoh to do a public retraction of his statement, otherwise we will pursue legal action against him.

These unfounded attacks on Dr. Richard Konteh stand in stark contrast to his significant and long-term commitment to making Sierra Leone a better place.

In 2007, Dr. Konteh served his country Sierra Leone as Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development. In 2010, Dr. Konteh served as Minister of Trade and Industry, and in 2012, he was appointed as Chief of Staff to the President of Sierra Leone. Before politics, Dr. Konteh has served in many capacities as General Secretary for the West Africa Civil Society Forum (WACSOF); Programme Manager for ECOWAS/UNDP Regional Programme In Peacebuilding and Post Conflict Reconstruction in West Africa; Programme Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation; and Justice and Peace for the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Sierra Leone; Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency; Executive Director for GEKO – Sierra Leone; Lecturer at Njala University; Associate Director of Planning and Development for the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone; and a teacher at the Wesleyan Secondary School in Kamakwie.

Currently, Dr. Konteh is a businessman, and a proprietor of small to medium-sized businesses in the hospitality, education, agriculture and real estate industries in Sierra Leone, further contributing to making Sierra Leone a better place.

Dr. Richard Konteh is the leading presidential (flag bearer) aspirant for the opposition All Peoples Congress Party in the forthcoming 2023 general and presidential elections. To learn more about his Unifier campaign, visit the Unifier website at or, or follow his campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp.


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