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Empowering Unity, Inspiring Change!

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The Unifier Hour

A Live Discussions With Dr. Richard Konteh

Dr. Richard Konteh, former Minister, Chief of Staff, Flagbearer aspirant for the APC Party, political analyst, and promoter of unity, talks about the APC and Sierra Leone's present challenges and potential path forward with host Valda KaiKai.

Tune in Every Saturday @ 9:00 PM GM

The Unifier Campaign is a catalyst for positive change and transformation in Sierra Leone, creating a future where diversity is celebrated, opportunities are accessible, and every citizen's voice is heard, leading to a united and thriving society built on the foundations of integrity, equality, and social justice.

The Unifier weekly Radio & TV

The Unifier Show

A Live Panel Discussion

Welcome to Unifier Radio's Panel Discussion, where diverse voices converge to explore and celebrate the beauty of unity amidst differences. Our show is a dynamic platform for thought-provoking discussions, engaging debates, and insightful conversations that bridge gaps and foster understanding.

Join our expert panellists from various walks of life, each bringing a unique perspective. From seasoned professionals to passionate activists, our diverse lineup ensures a rich tapestry of insights on topics ranging from culture and society to technology and global affairs.

Tune in every week as Unifier Radio's Panel Discussion takes you on a journey of exploration, education, and inspiration.

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The Unifier weekly Radio & TV

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