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Inspired by New, Big & Bold Ideas

For A Better Sierra Leone 

A Better Sierra Leone

Let's Make Sierra Leone a Better Place for our Present and Future Generations

Over 60% of Sierra Leoneans live in extreme poverty today. The country remains among the world’s poorest countries, ranking 182nd out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index in 2020. Decades of economic decline and 11 years of armed conflict had dramatic consequences on the economy. Poverty remains widespread.

We need to do something new and bold to get our country back on track. We have to solve our challenges with bold, innovative ideas. Without these ideas and a real plan for progress, we cannot utilize our country’s capacity to help people when they need it most.

Poverty in Sierra Leone

Watch these videos to learn a little bit about hardship and poverty in Sierra Leone


Let's start with big and bold conversations! Click here to Sign-up to participate in "Our Ideas, Our Party, Our Country, Our Future," Richard Konteh, The Unifier's grassroots listening series. We'll be hosting a series of issue-based roundtables, so after signing up, keep an eye on your inbox for a forthcoming invitation. 


Our party needs a renewal of energy and ideas. Yes, we can and should be proud of our great leaders and past accomplishments, but we need to focus on moving forward. That means choosing a leader who will invite and inspire new and younger voters into our party while also recognizing those who got us here. Better reflecting the diverse backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs of all Sierra Leoneans is key to this.

This needs to be a campaign about ideas, vision, renewal, and a leader who can unite our party and our country behind that. Our economy is in life support with repercussions that will be felt for years to come.  Our APC Party needs to champion economic prosperity in this country, and we need a new, committed leader with forward-looking, bold ideas to make prosperity a reality for all Sierra Leoneans.

I understand what our members need, and I will work hard to ensure our member's voices at home and in the diaspora are listened to. As a long-time APC Party member, I believe passionately in our party and the role we must play in ensuring a bright future for our country.

Our ideas are based on People, the Economy and the Environment, taking the impact of each into account.

A better Sierra Leone starts with building strong Sierra Leoneans and strong communities. We need to think and talk about policy through the lens of quality of life for people and families in the communities where they live. As a family man and entrepreneur, Richard Konteh is committed to restoring the promise of a better Sierra Leone for everyone - young and old.

A strong economy gives us the ability to support people and families. In turn, building a strong, innovative, and aspirational workforce is critical to our success in a 21st-century economy. We need to build on our traditional strengths by welcoming new industries, new entrepreneurs and new ideas into the conversation. Richard Konteh will inspire the next generation of business leaders, who share our values but too often don’t see themselves in our Party.

Sierra Leoneans care deeply about the environment as stewards of an incredible landscape with an immense natural resource endowment. We all want our children and grandchildren to grow up on a healthy planet, and environmental protection is an urgent global priority. Richard Konteh will promote environmental renewal through innovation, conservation, and preservation of our biodiversity. 

Dr. Richard Konteh's Message To 
APC Party Members and Supporters

Dear Comrades of the Mighty APC Party,


Our party is at a crossroads. Internal challenges have shaken us, while external forces seek to exploit our vulnerabilities. This is not a time for despair; it's a call to action, SMART, BOLD ACTIONS! It's a time to remember who we are: a party built on the principles of unity, equality, and progress.


Together, we have overcome great obstacles before. We fought for independence, weathered storms, and paved the way for a brighter Sierra Leone. Now, we face a new test, but our spirit remains unbroken.


We acknowledge the internal challenges, and we are committed to open dialogue, transparency, and reforms. We will rebuild trust and strengthen our structures, ensuring every voice is heard and every member valued.

Externally, we will not be swayed by those who seek to divide and destabilize the mighty APC. We will stand firm in our defence of democracy, good governance, and the rights of all Sierra Leoneans.


Our vision remains unwavering: a Sierra Leone where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive. We believe in equal opportunity, regardless of tribe, ethnicity, region or background. We believe in quality education, healthcare, and economic prosperity for all.


This is not the fight of a few; it's the fight of every APC Member, supporter, and every Sierra Leonean who dreams of a better tomorrow. We invite you to join us, the UNifier Team. Raise your voice, engage in the conversation, and be part of the solution.


Together, we are the Mighty APC Party! Together, we will overcome. Together, we will build a brighter future for Sierra Leone.

Join me in this cause! Come and see what we can do together!


Dr. Richard Konteh (The Unifier)

Dr. Richard Konteh's Vision
for the APC Party

My vision is an All People's Congress (APC) Party that stands as a symbol of strength and unwavering dedication to the people of Sierra Leone. Through collective strength, we aim to overcome challenges, rebuild trust and hope, and lead Sierra Leone into an era of prosperity, ensuring every citizen reaps the benefits of a united and forward-looking APC Party.

There is power in diversity and unity!

Dr. Konteh will make sure our democracy includes everyone.

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) believes there is power in diversity

The APC Party constituencies and our supporters are more diverse today than 25 years ago. To be effective, the APC Party needs to reflect these realities. 


I, Dr. Konteh, will ensure that all our supporters who have been historically excluded are brought back to the decision-making body and that their presence is reflected in our constituencies.​

There is great talent in our youth!

Dr. Konteh will create the space to nurture and grow our youths.

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) believes there is great talent in our youth

Nurturing our young talent within the APC Party will be my key priority, which will positively impact our political culture, the growth of our base, and future election successes.


I, Dr. Konteh, am persuaded that nurturing talent in the APC Party will keep our supporters engaged, loyal and productive – this, in turn, will help the APC Party become successful in election governance and help our party in its drive toward the ultimate goal of winning the 2023 elections.

I will empower the youth wing and create avenues for growth and excellence. Our future depends on our vibrant young generations. 

There is strength in the APC diaspora!

Dr. Konteh will create real engagement to utilize our diaspora members' expertise and contributions.

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) believes there is great strength in the APC Party's diaspora membership

The role played by the APC Party members in the diaspora has enabled tremendous change in the party and the country. Yet our members in the diaspora are side-lined. Diaspora expertise and contributions must be better leveraged to transform the APC Party and the nation. Empowerment means recognition of and partnership with diaspora actors (branches and chapters).

I, Dr. Konteh, will create capacity development programmes that build more vital diaspora organizations.

I will create real engagement to utilize our diaspora members' expertise and contributions.

We've got to make sure our democracy includes everyone.

Richard Konteh's Vision for Sierra Leone

As a Unifier, I envision a Sierra Leone where every citizen thrives and a nation anchored in:

  • Unity: A nation where ethnic, tribal, and regional differences are embraced as strengths, fostering a tapestry of rich cultural diversity and shared purpose.

  • Equality: A nation where opportunity knows no bounds, where every child has access to quality education and healthcare, and where hard work paves the path to success regardless of background.

  • Prosperity: A nation where sustainable economic growth fuels development, creating jobs, improving livelihoods, and fostering a shared sense of progress and well-being.

  • Democracy: A nation where the rule of law prevails, where voices are heard, and where citizens actively participate in shaping their future.

  • Sustainability: A nation that cherishes its natural resources and uses them responsibly, ensuring a healthy environment for future generations.

This vision is our guiding light, a promise to the people of Sierra Leone, and a call to action for all who share our belief in a brighter tomorrow.


Together, let us build the Sierra Leone we dream of – a nation united, prosperous, and forever proud.


Join Me, the Unifier, and the APC, and let's make it happen.

Dr. Konteh's academic and professional background is in Economic Planning and Development. As former Minister of Trade and Industry, his leadership built an excellent foundation for Trade and Industry in Sierra Leone. He strengthens the partnership between the government and the private sector. Dr. Konteh believes the private sector should be the engine for social-economic development.

As former Chief of Staff to the President, Dr. Konteh coordinated the successful implementation of the President’s Agenda for Change and the Agenda for Prosperity. He facilitated the implementation of key government and cabinet decisions and provided technical and managerial oversight over critical activities of Ministries, Departments and Agencies. He pioneered the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Compliance and facilitated the fulfillment of all criteria to achieve the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact. He also successfully established the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programme, Performance Management and Service Delivery (PMSD) Directorate, and the Right to Access Information Commission.

Richard Konteh's record of leadership on critical issues, and his clear vision for our country, give me the skills and drive to tackle the challenges we will face in the next ten years, both those we can anticipate and those we can’t, and to continue to build on the remarkable progress we have made together.

Sierra Leoneans want proven leadership that leaves no one behind.

We have to solve our challenges with bold, innovative ideas. Without these ideas and a real plan for progress, we cannot utilize our country’s capacity to help people when they need it most.


We cannot let the tired ideas of the past slow us down because the challenges are too significant.


There are too many of us in Sierra Leone who feel like we don’t belong, too many can’t afford college, and too many remain unemployed or underemployed. Too many of our young people are relegated to a life of beggars and thuggery.


Together, we can tackle the challenging issues:

  • We will create jobs in Sierra Leone that are sustainable, and that will make Sierra Leone competitive in the increasingly complex world we live in.

  • We will close the income inequality gap to ensure that no Sierra Leoneans struggles to put food on their table.

  • We will ease the burden of poverty for every Sierra Leonean.

Your Support Makes the Difference!

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