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The Unifier Christmas Message: A Call for Peace and Unity In Sierra Leone

My Fellow Sierra Leoneans:

As we celebrate the festive season of Christmas, I send my warmest wishes to all of you. This season, symbolizing peace and goodwill, allows us to reflect on the essence of unity and peace and the remarkable diversity of people, cultures, and traditions that make up our great nation.

This Christmas, let us remember that our nation's true beauty lies in how we all come together as one. Our diverse people, cultures, languages, and traditions are like different vibrant pieces of a mosaic – distinct yet together, creating a picture of magnificent harmony. This diversity is our heritage and strength and should be celebrated, embraced, and respected.

Recently, we have witnessed the unfortunate rise of tribal and regional rhetoric, sowing seeds of division and discord among our people. We must guard ourselves against the seeds of division. Our political differences should never erode our oneness, the very fabric of our society, and cause hatred, tribalism, or regionalism. Let this Christmas bring with it a reminder of the importance of peace, love, and understanding – values essential for a united and prosperous Sierra Leone.

As we all share in the season's joy, let us also reach out to our neighbours in friendship and unity, irrespective of their background or beliefs. Let us acknowledge that each individual and family in our nation contributes to the rich mosaic of our beloved country.

I call upon every citizen, including political, social, and traditional leaders, to join me in a pledge. Let us dedicate ourselves to promoting national unity, engaging in dialogue that overcomes our differences, and building a future where every citizen feels valued and included.

As we anticipate the New Year, let us strive to create a nation where peace prevails, unity is our foundation, and the spirit of Christmas – a spirit of giving, compassion, and togetherness – guides us year-round.

Together, we can create a bright and peaceful future for everyone. May this Christmas mark a new chapter of greater unity and peace in our beloved nation, a moment of rebirth where we collectively commit to a future where "We All Nar One" is a lived reality.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with hope, joy, and unity.

In Peace and Solidarity,

Long Live our nation, Sierra Leone!

Dr. Richard Konteh


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