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Our journey ahead to 2023 is filled with hope and optimism!

2022 was filled with challenges and successes – and through it all, you helped step up to make a difference for many Sierra Leoneans. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do to power our Unifier movement and progress.

With your help, our Unifier team has been able to deliver real results for the APC Party and for all Sierra Leoneans. If it weren’t for your support, we wouldn’t have been able to go around the country, engaging with Sierra Leoneans, young and old.

This is a team effort. And with your help, we will continue building a better future for the APC Party and for all Sierra Leoneans in every corner of the country.

Therefore as we head into 2023, we cannot slow down on the progress that we’re making. It will take all of our hope and hard work to make positive changes and create a plan to build an economy that works for all Sierra Leoneans.

And that is only possible with your support.

There’s a lot to be hopeful and optimistic about in the new year. Together, we will continue to build on our positive plan to make life better for all Sierra Leoneans.

All my best to you and your loved ones in the new year!

God bless you!

Dr. Richard Konteh (The Unifier)

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Albert Taylor
Albert Taylor
Jan 09, 2023

"That which is behind scenes are cut" may these ills be healed, AMEN

Can thou carry dirt on shoulder for half a decade?

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