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The UNIFIER Campaign is appalled by the incessant attempts by detractors to taint the impeccable image and credentials of our leader Dr. Richard Konteh. Such attempts serve no useful purpose than to undermine the efforts of well-meaning Comrades like Dr. Konteh, who has sacrificed so much over the past four years to salvage the APC Party and project a very positive project image about our revered Party.

The UNIFIER Campaign assures all our supporters and all APC-ians at home and in the diaspora that the rumour going around that Dr. Richard Konteh is sponsoring all the lawsuits against the APC Party and that he joined the Big Six to destabilize the APC Party is entirely false and baseless. It is false propaganda and a cruelly orchestrated smear campaign to undermine the invaluable contributions Dr. Richard Konteh has made and continues to make for our APC Party and Comrades.

While Dr. Konteh would not ordinarily address this kind of rumours, gossip, fake news, or smear campaign, this particular rumour is so destructive to our party's morale that The UNIFIER Campaign feels it must respond to it.

Please be advised that this rumour is false. Dr. Konteh continues to work hard for the success of the APC Party. He will continue unrelentingly to unify our Party and our Country. He will continue to work hard to make the APC a better Party and ensure that the APC Party wins come 2023.

The UNIFIER Campaign implores all APC-ians to stay focused and work together. There is strength in unity, and together we can guarantee victory for our beloved APC Party.

God bless you all, and God bless the APC Party!

The UNIFIER campaign Movement

We All Nar Wan!


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