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Dr. Richard Konteh Admonishes Every Sierra Leonean to Uphold and Promote Human Rights

December 10, 2020 – Human Rights Day

Human Rights are the foundation of peace, development, and justice and they must be at the heart of a nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Sierra Leone have a lot to do to build political institutions, a judicial system, and an economy that allows ordinary people to live with dignity. The growth of hate speech, tribalism, regionalism and the justification of rights violations in the name of national security, the clawing back of economic and social rights in the name of economic crises or security, and the failure to respect the right to privacy in the digital age, show the relevance of celebrating this Human Rights Day and the need to respect Human Rights.

Every single person is entitled to all rights: civil, political, economic, social and cultural. Regardless of where they live. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, social origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or other opinion, disability or income, or any other status.

Every Sierra Leonean have a right to live free from discrimination on any grounds. We have a right to access education, health-care, economic opportunities and a decent standard of living. This is about our future, our livelihoods, our freedoms, our security and our environment.

In celebrating this Human Rights Day, join Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) in building a better society toward equality, freedom, justice and shared prosperity in Sierra Leone.


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