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Why Charismatic Leadership is key in the APC this time.

By Emmanuel Sogbandi

My name perhaps does not sound as northerner, hence making it difficult to believe I am a true sympathizer of the All People's Congress (APC) party. I might not convince you, but I owe it to my conscience that I am a true sympathizer of APC and therefore, have the moral obligation to share my view on matters I believe will be of help to the party going forward.

As much as we desire to win the 2023 ballots, the APC party needs a charismatic leader this time than ever. Without any malice, the lack of charismatic leadership in 2018, landed us in an unbearable opposition.

As a party, we were having all the arsenals yet, we suffered a defeat that has brought untold suffering on the lives of Sierra Leoneans today. It's high time we began to think out of the box in order to do the right thing to save not only APC as a party, but Sierra Leone as a country. God forbid I imagine another five years of this diabolic regime.

Now that we have already got the opportunity to elect our leaders, more especially our standard-bearer, charismatic leadership must serve as a key criterion to avoid a repeat of 2018.

From April 2018 to date, I presume, we must have known all our flag bearer aspirants, what they are capable of doing, and the strength of their abilities. With that knowledge, what can we do as electorates having been provided with this great opportunity to choose and to liberate our party this time?

Apparently, APC is a big party with large following. Our party's support base in Sierra Leone is equal to none. Our focus as grassroot supporters must therefore be concentrated on who among the aspirants that has demonstrated charismatic leadership in bringing together contenders of the same aspirations over the years? Who among them have publicly lured in members of the ruling party to accept membership from the APC party?

As earlier stated, APC is unarguably a big party in Sierra Leone with the largest following. We should therefore not be wary about the popularity of the person to lead the party, but the charisma of the person to lead. The moment we miss this calculation, we stand the risk to gamble our chance to win the 2023 general elections just as we did in 2018.

Charismatic leadership is key to foster not only unity in the party, but building confidence with colleague aspirants to work harder to achieve our ultimate goal at the end of the day. We need to think of this as APCians as we are fast approaching our delegates conference.

Charismatic leadership is key to our winning in 2023. Let's bear that in our minds in making decisions this time around.

Honestly, I have no personal relationship with any of the flag bearer aspirants of the APC. But in my candid view, having assessed the flag bearer contenders, Dr. Richard Konteh has certainly demonstrated charismatic leadership over the years. He is the only flag bearer aspirant that has won souls in what is perceived to be the stronghold of the ruling SLPP.

What is more amazing, is seeing Dr. Konteh and his family celebrating the last Easter holiday in one of the nice beaches in the Kailahun district known as Siaka Stevens Beach. This singular action definitely touched the people of Kailahun district especially the young folks who are today yearning for APC membership cards in the district.

Only a charismatic and a brave leader can achieve this such of success. Bravo to Dr. Richard Konteh! I hope fellow APCians will take his charismatic leadership into consideration when making that final crucial decision to save the face of APC and mama Salone.


Vee Kay
Vee Kay
Aug 16, 2021

Dr. Konteh attracts, influences and inspires people with his genuineness, integrity, strong sense of fairness, respect and peace! That's what we need in Sierra Leone


Lovette Roberts
Lovette Roberts
Aug 16, 2021

Integrity and perseverance that all it takes. Go R.K.!

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