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At the end of this leadership race, our party must be unified behind a new leader. We need to move forward together, defeat the SLPP, and form a new government for the people of Sierra Leone.

"We need a future-focused new leader who can credibly and convincingly tell the story of how our people, our mighty APC Party and how we all fit together.

I'm asking for your vote to keep our party united, moving forward together, and defeat the SLPP to form a new and better government for the people of Sierra Leone," Dr. Richard Konteh passionately appealed to a cross-section of the APC party diaspora in North America during his recent international tour where he made stops in Virginia, Philadelphia and New York.

"Here are the two truths we all need to know:

  1. We will only win the next election if we are united.

  2. We will only win the next election if we have a fighter and a unifier with a credible plan on turning the country around," Dr. Konteh continued his appeal.

"By now, every faithful APC member should be fed up with the never-ending confusing headlines about our APC Party. Our party is getting the wrong kind of attention all because of speculative controversies over everything, including membership, leadership, lawsuits etc.

These negative rumours and speculations will not inspire people to vote for our party. Every political party will, from time to time, go through reforms, restructuring and leadership changes. But at the end of the day, unity must prevail. Nobody wins from an unnecessarily prolonged fight over egos," Dr. Konteh firmly warned his APC faithful.

"I want to solve the problem of unity in our party, once and for all, to make sure we can have unity, integrity, and inclusion," declares Dr. Richard Konteh.

"As the leader of the APC Party, I will bring unity to the party. I will uphold and protect the party's constitution and ensure the party leadership is neutral in administering future leadership processes. The APC Party leadership race should never be a major source of tension," Dr. Konteh continues.

Dr. Richard Konteh's long-term goal is to make the APC Party the country's natural governing party. A political party that will always choose humility over elitism, tolerance over bias, harmony over chaos, people over politics, and unity over disunity. A party that respects people and treats everyone with dignity. A party that will promote equal opportunity and do away with any form of tribalism. His Unifier Campaign emboldens this commitment every day with the slogan "We All Nar Wan," meaning, "we are all one people, one big family."

"We are APC! As a party, there is not a single mission we cannot accomplish," says Dr. Konteh.

Dr. Konteh has been a dedicated voice defending and articulating the party's views during uncertain and challenging times. He has proved beyond every doubt that he is a capable and unifying leader that will take the APC Party to the next level in 2023.

"I'm thankful for our hard-working party supporters, my dedicated Unifier Campaign team and volunteers giving their time and resources to make the APC Party a better party," Dr. Konteh said.

He further continued to directly admonish all APC members when he said, "we need to ensure that people can vote, that the results are above question and that our party is unified as we move forward. At the end of this leadership race, our party must be unified behind a new leader. We need to move forward together, defeat the SLPP, and form a new government for the people of Sierra Leone."

To all our APC people and Sierra Leoneans, we must solve our challenges with bold, innovative ideas. We cannot let the tired ideas of the past slow us down because the challenges ahead are too great!

Concluding his keynote address in Philadelphia and in New York, Dr. Richard Konteh promised the APC members that, whether or not he wins the leadership race, he is committed to moving the APC Party forward. He said if he loses to anyone in a free and fair leadership contest, he will be the first person to embrace and congratulate the winner and throw his full support behind that leader.

"Let's keep our party unified, moving forward, and winning in 2023!" Dr. Konteh concluded with rousing applause from the audience.

The Town Hall Meeting in Philadelphia and the Meet & Greeting events in New York were streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can watch the recordings on the Unifier Campaign social media channels. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:


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