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Unifier Women: Power to the Women

Add Women. Change Politics!

There is growing recognition of the untapped capacity and talents of women and women’s leadership. The meaningful participation of women in national, local, and community leadership roles has become an important focus on global development policy. Still, some may ask why it matters if women become political leaders, elected policymakers, or civil society activists. Why does the world need more women involved in all aspects of the political process?

To answer these questions, let’s introduce you to Mrs. Isatu Z. Konteh, wife of Dr. Richard Konteh, who in collaboration with D-unifier Women, conducted a nationwide tour to meet fellow women, as an introduction as the wife of the D-unifier, Dr. Richard Konteh.

Mrs. Konteh knows the role of women in peace building and the importance of their involvement in bringing peace to her beloved party, the All People's Congress (APC).

During her nationwide trip, she admonished women to vie for different positions within the party hierarchy and encouraged them to demonstrate their aspirations in a peaceful manner. She wants the women to be the ambassadors of peace within the party as they showcase their skills in bringing peace to both youths and men. Her messages throughout the tour stressed on the important point that, in the present dispensation of living in Sierra Leone, women are most vulnerable, and the bulk of pain and suffering rest squarely on their shoulders. “I want all women to fight for positions and have it at the back of their minds that, after elections they will still live in the same communities,” Mrs. Konteh noted. She wants to see a winner embracing the loser to foster peace and development. “Those who will lose should have the courage to work with the winners in an open-minded manner, because that will enable them to work on community projects and get blessings from God,” continued Mrs. Konteh. She appealed to all women to demonstrate boldness, leadership, and to engage the men and youths as well.

Mrs. Konteh said she speaks on behalf of the D-unifier her husband (Dr. Richard Konteh) as one of the key issues her husband has to unify the country. She said she knows her husband is a development orientated person, and when given the opportunity to lead the APC Party to election, it is going to be a win for individuals, for the APC Party, and a big win for the country.

In line with D-unifier Women, Mrs. Konteh formed D-unifier Women in each District in Sierra Leone. These groups are to engage community stakeholders to carry out the campaign of Dr. Richard Konteh, D-unifier.

Furthermore, Mrs. Konteh called on those who are aggrieved against the APC Party for one reason or another, to forgive and come back with full cooperation to ensure victory is assured for the party.

The women, across the country appreciated her moves, and thanked her for being the first woman, the first wife of the APC flag bearer aspirants to meet them and interact with them in their communities. The women said they now know they are an important factor in the heart of her husband Dr. Richard Konteh. The women across the country unanimously said they are willing to work with Mrs. Konteh and are ready to receive her at any time in their communities.

Why does it matter if women become political leaders, elected policymakers, or civil society activists? Why does the world need more women involved in all aspects of the political process? Because, As Mrs. As has been demonstrated, women's political participation results in tangible gains for democracy, including greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and a more sustainable future.

D-Unifier, Dr. Richard Konteh believes that, when we add more women in leadership, we change everything! Sierra Leone needs more women from diverse backgrounds making decisions in local government, party politics, national government, and in all executive boardrooms. Because when women take the lead, we all succeed.

Here is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse of Mrs. Isatu Z. Konteh, and D-unifier Women’s nationwide tour. Listen to the messages. Be inspired! Be challenged! Visit our website ( to see the videos from this national tour. Also get to know Mrs. Isatu Z. Konteh and D-Unifier Women.


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