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My dear Friends and Family,

The death of our son, Richard Konteh Jr. (Sir Richie), has given me a new life meaning; that life and death are a part of a greater mystery. In this challenging experience, I imagine an afterlife for humanity because we are all created in no less than God's image. I express my gratitude for the wonder and gift of life in the presence of death, which is an even greater mystery.

My friends, death is a grim, cruel, and an unending source of sorrow. My family and I are shocked and upset. Our sense of shock gradually gives way to a sense of mystery. Our ability to understand and speak is compromised. There is only silence and awe in the presence of death.

But, in all this, we thank our Lord, God Almighty. He is God, and everything he does is because he is a faithful and righteous God who will never do anything wrong.

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

It is in difficult times that true friendships emerge. You have proven it to my family and myself. Many of you visited us several times to sympathize with us. At the same time, many of you altered your busy schedules and bore the inconvenience of travelling to Gbendembu for the funeral service. On behalf of the entire Konteh family, Thank you!

Thank you to my Unifier family at home and abroad. You are very special people. We are grateful to each one of you.

Thank you to my APC family. You came out strong in unity. May this unity you have demonstrated bind us together for success and the common good of our country, Sierra Leone. Together, we can make Sierra Leone a better place for our children.

Thank you, Your Excellency, Former President Ernest Bai Koroma, for being there and for your unconditional support. Thank you to the entire leadership and members of the APC party for being there to console us during our deepest moments of grief and despair. My family and I are eternally grateful.

To everyone who has been a part of our son's life and a part of his journey, I wholeheartedly thank you and express my gratitude. Every drop in the ocean counts, and I will never forget those who helped us sail through troubled waters, for you deserve our gratitude.

Thank you again for your compassion and kindness at such a difficult time.

May God richly bless you!

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier)


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