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Richard Konteh brings new energy, ideas and a renewed people focus to the APC leadership race

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) calls on APC members to believe in a better APC Party, and a better Sierra Leone for our young people and our future generations across the country.

With a focus on leading the APC Party into the future, local businessman, educator, development consultant, former minister, former chief of staff, and long-time APC member Dr. Richard Konteh is ready to renew and modernize the party, putting ideas, people and country at the forefront.

“We need a genuine renewal of energy and ideas, with a leader committed to doing the hard work to position our party and our country for the future,” said Dr. Konteh, APC Leadership Candidate, during a Facebook Live interview on the Then & Now Media Empire. “We need to focus on moving forward with a committed leader who will invite and inspire new, younger, and diverse voters into our party, while also recognizing those who got us here.”

Born and raised in Gbendembu village, Richard Konteh understands the struggles and hardships Sierra Leoneans face today first-hand. He is focusing his campaign on supporting and empowering people and families to ensure future generations can build a better life in Sierra Leone.

“For me, this is all about the future of this country, the future generation -- It’s about making sure every child in Sierra Leone can have the future and opportunities they want,” added Dr. Konteh. “It's about believing that we can make Sierra Leone a better place for everyone, young and old, across our country by working together with a focus on ending poverty with innovative ideas, and solutions.”

“Dr. Richard Konteh offers a fresh take on APC priorities for the future. His generational perspective and understanding of urban-rural issues address two key areas for growth in our party, and he has many sound, sensible, and actionable ideas,” said Chief Hon. Sam-May Lamin Macarthy former SLPP Member of Parliament for Kailahun District in an interview with Hope FM Radio. "As a veteran politician, now retired, I'm keeping an open mind about the APC party leadership and I’m encouraging every APC member and supporter to do the same. There is something different and special about Richard Konteh.”

While emphasizing that the APC should be proud of past leaders and accomplishments, and that no one person or group of people are bigger than the APC, Dr. Konteh said his campaign is focused on moving forward - “especially when it comes to the critical importance of the party being more open and inclusive to reflect the people we are here to serve. That means better respecting and reflecting the diverse backgrounds, needs and aspirations of all Sierra Leoneans. Our duty as leaders is to protect our people. We cannot continue to expose them to danger or aggression.”

“Currently, there is a lack of understanding about the hardship, the bread-and-butter issues Sierra Leoneans are experiencing. This shows the need for a leader who respects young people, understands the complex issues they are facing, and doesn’t play generational or regional politics to score political points,” said Dr. Konteh. “I’m committed to respectful, constructive dialogue and getting to yes in order to address critical issues like poverty, affordability, and rebuilding our economy with a focus on people, families, and the future. We have what it takes to make Sierra Leone a better place for all.”

“It’s time for us to start working together in this country,” said former WAEC boss Mr. Sapateh in an interview with Hope Radio. “Richard has shown an openness to constructive, realistic discourse and - crucially - understands that our shared economic prosperity can only come from bold actions, applied innovation and a willingness to address the big issues of extreme poverty and hardship in Sierra Leone. These are essential attributes for anyone seeking to lead our country through the challenges of the next decade.” Richard is another variable in the politics of the APC and Sierra Leone. To discount him is a very serious mistake.”

“Richard is the kind of leader who will support responsible resource development and foster mutual understanding between urban and rural communities,” said Hon. Kadie Davies, MP for constituency 110 during the by-election campaign in Pujehun. “His commitment to the people of Sierra Leone and efforts to ensure unity and a better Sierra Leone represent just the kind of thinking we need to make our country strong, sustainable, and people-focused.”

“As a long-time APC member, I believe passionately in our party and the positive, proactive role we must play in ensuring a bright future for our country,” added Dr. Konteh. “I am better placed to re-energize the APC party with bold, new ideas and a people focus. I will work hard to reconnect our party with the diaspora, our grassroot supporters and make sure their voices are listened to as we work to win back our country, and to make Sierra Leone a better place for all of us.”

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Lovette Roberts
Lovette Roberts
26 lug 2021

Great Leader to be.

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