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Dr. Richard Konteh must be commended for turning the wheels of peace, unity & love in the APC Party

It is only at the time of difficulties that you can know who your true friend is. At the time of success, it becomes extremely difficult to know the difference between the hypocrites and the real patriot, as many wolves at that time, will be neatly dressed in sheep's clothing.

Certainly, President Koroma and the APC grassroots must have now known the difference between the real patriots and those wolves who neatly dressed in sheep's clothing to acquire benefits from the party.

Immediately after the 2018 general elections, the wolves who apparently were in large numbers and at the same time benefited greatly, had to leave the party without little reasoning. Some, if not all, abandoned and left the party with derogatory remarks to the party leadership they had pretended to serve with utmost loyalty and love. What a sad experience!

Regrettably, only few have always stood their grounds for the party since 2018 to date. Devoid of any biasness, Dr. Richard Konteh is among the very few that have always stood with the party since the party lost the general elections in April 2018. This great gentleman has undoubtedly shown his love and loyalty to the party and the party leadership in countless times. He has represented the APC party in almost all bye-elections, including the recent bye-elections in the Kailahun and Pujehun districts.

Dr. Richard Konteh had participated in the Tonko Limba bye-election where he challenged and exposed the well planned election manipulation by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) under the then leadership of N'fa Alie and the ruling Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP). He meanwhile did same in Constituency 110 where he outrightly challenged NEC and certain government officials to the extent that he was unlawfully detained for four days.

In the recent bye-elections in the Kailahun district, despite the hostility associated with the district especially for the opposition APC, Dr. Richard Konteh stayed and exhaustively campaigned in the district on behalf of the APC party for a whole week.

During his one week stay in the Kailahun district, Dr. Richard Konteh visited all the towns and villages in Constituency 010 and 005, including Nyandehun village where the 27 year old Foday Morie was allegedly killed by SLPP thugs. He did same in Ward 350 in Constituency 099, Pujehun district.

It is worthy to note that Dr. Richard Konteh's participations in all bye-elections across the country mainly have to do with defending and projecting the image of the APC party. He has got this to say in an interview with him some few days ago; " I'm not in this for self aggrandizement. I believe that one has to be there for the party at the time of need", he said.

Meanwhile, it will amaze you to also know that Dr. Richard Konteh's participation in almost all the bye-elections is self sponsored with little or no cost on the party he has been representing.

Certainly, leadership has to do with sacrifice, courage and endurance which to me, has clearly been demonstrated by Dr. Richard Konteh over the years. He has been the only APC top politician that has fearlessly participated in all bye-elections in the south-east where many consider as extremely hostile grounds for APC party stalwarts.

For obvious reasons, Dr. Richard Konteh aka D-Unifier deserves commendation by fellow APCians. As true APCians, we all have sacred responsibilities to be calling things by their names as we are fast approaching our delegates conference to choose our leaders. In the interest of our beloved APC mama Salone, we need to think wisely this time around to avoid a catastrophic repeat of 2018.


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