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Dr. Richard Konteh: An Epitome of A Good Leader

By John B. Koroma

As part of his way of life, Dr. Richard Konteh yet again demonstrated his liberal leadership in the just concluded Emergency National Delegates Conference of the All People's Congress (APC) party in Makeni.

In that three day event to adopt the revised constitution of the APC party, Dr. Richard Konteh provided high standard accommodations for over six hundred comrades across the country with sufficient breakfast, lunch and dinner gratis.

Knowing that most comrades witnessed the occasion in Makeni for love of party, Dr. Richard Konteh augmented their transport fares when they came around to bid farewell in the evening of the final day of event.

Dr. Konteh encouraged all APC comrades who came to show profound appreciation to his gesture, and challenged them to;

  1. be steadfast, and to never waver in their belief in the APC party.

  2. note that we are all comrades irrespective of where our loyalties lie in terms of supports to flag bearer aspirants.

  3. always treat each other as one family and stop reprimanding people just because you don't belong or share the same view.

  4. always put the interest of the party above all else. Now that the new constitution has made provision to vote for our officials at different levels, it's an opportunity for all to make wise and informed choices.

  5. be very careful in making the choice of electing our flag bearer to secure winning in 2023, because, the fundamental purpose of a political party is to organize it members to win elections.

Remember in the struggles of APC there is victory, he concluded.


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