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The people of Sanda Taindaren Chiefdom warmly welcomed their son-in-law Dr. Richard Konteh and vowed to stand with him at all times.

As the saying goes, "it is better to give birth to the king's wife than the king himself." This reality was manifested on Sunday, 2nd October 2022. The people of Rogbin and the entire Sanda Taindaren Chiefdom in Karena District, the birthplace of Madam Isatu Zama Konteh (nee Sankoh), wife of Dr. Richard Konteh (D-UNIFIER). The people of Sanda Taindaren Chiefdom overwhelmingly pledged their support for their in-law, Dr. Konteh. They have vowed to take full ownership of the campaign movement and to ensure that Dr. Konteh becomes the next Flag bearer of the APC party and the President of Sierra Leone in 2023.

In their show of support and appreciation for their son-in-law, the people of Sanda warmly welcomed Dr. Richard Konteh. Different groups of traditional drummers, dancers, and singers sang songs of praise and hope for the future. In some of the welcoming songs they sang, they expressed optimism about the leadership of Dr. Richard Konteh and vowed to stand with him at all times.

Addressing the hilarious mammoth crowd in the township of Rogbin, Dr. Konteh declared his intention to be the APC party's Flag bearer for the 2023 elections. He reassured the audience of his commitment, care, concern and love for the people of Sanda. "I have come to interface with you just as I have done to others across the country. After God, I rely on you to achieve my aspiration", he said.

Dr. Konteh further assured the people that the APC party is not disunited. "What we see happening now in the APC is simply a power struggle," he said. He noted that power should not be given to a person on a Silver Platter. We must compete for it and elect the best among the many to lead this might APC party for the 2023 Presidential Elections.

Dr. Konteh encouraged the people to come out and participate in the ongoing voter registration. He explained in simple terms why this voter registration is very important and how it will affect all citizens. He charged the Councilor, the Section Cheifs, and the Town Headsmen to go out and encourage their residents to ensure every eligible citizen is registered.

Giving a brief account of her long-standing relationship with her husband, Madam Isatu Zama Konteh told her people about the qualities of her husband. "This gentleman, Dr. Richard Konteh is very reliable, caring, loving, focused and determined. "These qualities have sustained our relationship for forty years," she said. "This is the man I have brought to you. I am asking you to support me as I support him to bring change to our Sanda community, Karene District, and the entire country," she concluded.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Abdul Aziz Sesay (Peto), outlined some of the development projects Dr. Richard Konteh has delivered to the Sanda Community. Among these projects include facilitating the building of the Junior Secondary School in Rogbin; the Primary and Junior Secondary Schools in Rokulan; the construction of the Health Centre; payment of school fees and provision of school materials for vulnerable pupils, providing seedlings to farmers, providing micro credit facilities to women and capacity building and skills training for women and school drop-outs, among other things.

Many other speakers expressed similar praises for Dr. Richard Konteh. They promised to support his bid for the leadership and flag bearer of the APC party.

The occasion was climaxed with a mini football tournament in honour of Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier).

D-Unifier Media Team

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Hassan Bock Sesay
Hassan Bock Sesay
Oct 03, 2022

It is our fervent prayers that God will directs Dr. Richard Konteh's dream for our beloved Sierra Leone.

Hassan Sesay

Toronto, Canada

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