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The Unifier



The Fearless!  The Defender!  The Leader!

We believe in the power of unity, innovation and leadership to build a great future for all Sierra Leoneans.

We have a big choice to make. Hardship and poverty is destroying Sierra Leone. We can create a better future together.

Join Us Today & Help Make A Change!

We look forward to connecting with you, listening and learning from you, your families, and friends. Your stories and ideas continue to form the core of our campaign.

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Dr. Richard Konteh of APC party

A Message from Dr. Richard Konteh

Dear Friends,


In 2017, a single spark ignited a movement. We called it "The Unifier," and our mission was audacious: to connect with ordinary Sierra Leoneans across the country to inspire hope and create positive change and transformation in Sierra Leone.


We knew then, and still know today, that the power to change Sierra Leone lies within each of us. It is in the hands of the farmers tending their crops, the students reaching for their dreams, and the entrepreneur daring to build something new. And so, The Unifier is not just a movement; it is a mirror. We hold it up to Sierra Leone, reflecting the beauty, resilience, and potential that already exist.


Our journey has unfolded on two fronts:

1. Socially (as a charity): We extend a helping hand to many in need, supporting initiatives in education, healthcare, and sustainable development. We believe that by empowering individuals, we empower the nation.


2. Politically: We championed a campaign for the flagbearership of the APC Party in an effort to promote the voices of ordinary people, advocating for policies that empower communities to nurture unity and equality to unlock our nation's potential. We believe that inclusive governance is the bedrock of a thriving Sierra Leone.

Throughout our journey, we have witnessed countless stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These stories are our fuel, our inspiration. They remind us that even the smallest spark can ignite a fire of hope and that together, we can build a brighter future for Sierra Leone.


I invite you to join us on this journey. Share your voice, your skills, your passion. Together, let's weave a stronger, more prosperous Sierra Leone thread by thread.

Come and see what we can do together!


RK Signature

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