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What Set Dr. Richard Konteh Apart?

By Emmanuel Sogbandi

In my last analytical piece on the topic ‘why charismatic leadership is key in the APC this time than ever', my description as a sympathizer of APC was challenged by my readers with honest views that I am no longer a sympathizer but a true member of the APC party.

I do agree with their expressed views for the simple reason that the government I voted for in 2018, has apparently failed this nation.

As a man of clear conscience and nationalistic tendency, I have therefore reached a rational conclusion. I will throw my fullest support to the APC Party. I have come to genuinely realize that the All Peoples’ Congress is the only party that has people with the right frame of mind to move Sierra Leone forward.

However, for us to regain power in 2023, there most be sincerity and honesty in our judgment to avoid dangerous miscalculation.

Certainly, 2023 elections won't be easy for us as a party. But with the right judgment, I am sure we will triumphantly surmount the hurdles no matter the clandestine and diabolic plans of the ruling SLPP party. We therefore as opposition party members, cannot afford to gamble with our decision making, especially when it comes to electing our flag bearer for the 2023 polls.

For fair judgment, I have been following the APC flag bearer aspirants from a distance with deliberate refusal to identify myself with anyone of them. With my independent and careful observation of them over the years, even from a distance, I have come to notice that Dr. Richard Konteh has been very much instrumental to providing adequate representations of the party on critical issues.

According to information gathered from the national Secretariat, Dr. Richard Konteh has been the only flag bearer aspirant that could be readily called upon to represent the party on technical issues with Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), National Electoral Commission (NEC), Statistics Sierra Leone (SSL) and the NCRA etc. with tangible results.

If such testimony coming from the National Secretariat about Dr. Richard Konteh is anything to go by, why shouldn't we as APCians provide him the space to lead us against this brutal regime if we really need better result in 2023? Why should we bother ourselves with bad experiment this time as the party did in 2018?

Honestly speaking, the 2023 elections will never be a child's play. We therefore cannot afford to make a bad experiment. We need to put our individual interests aside and think of the bigger picture to save this nation.

Dr. Richard Konteh, devoid of any biasness, has demonstrated leadership over the years both for the APC party and for issues of national interest. He has been fearlessly challenging technical issues on radios, televisions and directly participating in bye-elections on behalf of the APC party repeatedly.

Even from a distance, I have admired his courage and determination to salvage the APC party and Mama Salone. Let us give him the chance!


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