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The Youths Endorses Dr. Richard Konteh

Dr. Richard Konteh has been endorsed by the the youths of Sierra Leone for his commitment and excellent work in opposition.

We the youths of Sierra Leone, we want to congratulate Dr. Richard Konteh for his consistency, loyalty and resiliency. Dr. Richard Konteh stands tall among all aspirants and we have approved his candidature to run as presidential candidate of the All Peoples Congress party come 2023 general elections.

We the youths of Sierra Leone exponentially catalogued the strides made thus far from 2018 to date. His attendance to Churches, Mosques, Prisons Centres, Schools, Regions, Health Care facilities, Courts Environment, Bereaved Homes to name but a few.

These evidence cannot be matched at any quarter, our relationship with Dr. Richard Konteh will be strengthened the more, and we will practicalize our commitment in the not too distant future.

We all know that the opposition task is an Herculean one, except for people like Dr. Richard Konteh with thick skin to confront the current predicament and succeed amidst political tension, travelling bands etc.

We would like to allay the fears of all and sundry and assure Dr. Richard Konteh that, we the youths of Sierra Leone will never allow you to fall down, please take us by our utterances.

You have solidified our hopes and we are sure that, Dr. Richard Konteh will be the Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces, Fountain of Honour, Order of the Rokel and Chief Executive.

God bless Dr. Richard Konteh

Long live the APC.


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