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2022 has been a big year for our Unifier movement, the APC Party, and our country Sierra Leone. And I'm so glad that through it all, I could count on you as part of the team.

Throughout 2022, we have made incredible progress together.

We've met millions of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad and listened to their struggles, dreams and hopes for a better country. Sierra Leoneans like you desire unity, peace and a thriving economy that will make life better for everyone.

Our plan to unify the APC party and Sierra Leone is working, but there is still much more hard work ahead of us – and it's your support that makes it all possible.

There is no slowing down now. With President Maada Bio and his SLPP Party pushing reckless policies that have rolled back all the amazing progress made during President Ernest Koroma's era, and making life very difficult for you, for me, and for every Sierra Leonean, our Unifier team, and the APC Party needs to continue to fight for the things that matter most to you and every Sierra Leonean.

Let's keep making positive changes that will make life more affordable, strengthen the middle class, and grow an economy that will work for all Sierra Leoneans.

Together, we're going to hit the ground running – but we need your support to make it all possible!

From I.Z. and I, and from the Unifier team, thank you for supporting us throughout 2022. God bless you!

Dr. Richard Konteh (The Unifier)


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