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Hon. Sam-May Lamin Macarthy Hails Richard Konteh for APC Flagbearer

Kailahun’s own Hon. Sam-May Lamin Macarthy describes Richard Konteh as an

Hon. Sam-May Lamin Macarthy

“extraordinary” man. Konteh has visited Kailahun District several times since 2018 identifying

with the people and sympathizing with their suffering and needs in many areas. In fact, a credible video (Dr. Richard Konteh is a Fearless Leader) circulating on the internet shows how he was harassed by police officers attempting to stop him going into the district.

“Dr. Richard Konteh’s campaign as the APC party presidential candidate represents a milestone opportunity not just for the APC party, but for our national democracy. People should now acknowledge the leadership he has exhibited - a true unifier, a patriot and a visionary leader. You can not ignore Richard Konteh any more. He’s easily the strongest candidate the APC could field.” Hon. Macarthy said in a chat.

“As Richard Konteh embarks upon his unifying campaign for the APC Party, and our country, he is poised to break every glass ceiling in our society with one fell swoop of his progressive hammer! All of the Kailahun district community and I will be cheering for him,” he continued.

“I have not seen a down-to-earth human being like Richard Konteh,” he said. “Richard very directly influenced and reinforced — equally important — my sense of being and meaning and reasons for being.”

“I’ve met Richard on several occasions, and every time, I’m impressed,” Hon. Mccarthy said. He particularly cited the fact that Richard Konteh overcame many trials and tribulations to make a bid for the APC leadership and ultimately for president that most observers consider quixotic.

“If the APC can do one thing right, it is to unanimously elect Dr. Richard Konteh as the presidential candidate for 2023. No one will regret that choice! He is promoting the doctrine of internal democracy in this party, getting rid of the imposition of candidates in the APC, and opening the door to sound democracy,” the Hon. Macarthy ended.


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