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Today in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Dr. Richard Konteh has again demonstrated his strongest ties with the grassroots and ordinary Sierra Leoneans. On his way to Malama Thomas Street to join fellow Muslim worshippers observing Jummah prayer this Friday, Dr. Konteh was Mobbed excitable by traders in the Central Business District (CBD) of Freetown.

In what appears to be just a quiet movement to observe the Juma prayers along Malama Thomas Street, traders and admirers of Dr. Konteh from across the city started chanting the slogan "D-Unifier, We All Nar Wan." This means "We Are All One." "We are ready to register and vote for you in 2023," the chanting continued until Dr. Konteh, and his entourage entered the mosque to observe the Jummah prayer.

As if it was just the smoke, the authentic chanting took place after Dr. Konteh, the grassroots politician, left the mosque to return home. In a hilarious mood, the traders requested that Dr. Konteh, whom they called "our very own," should not return home until they took him around the CBD area to demonstrate their love and appreciation for him.

Testimonies upon testimonies, the trades in the CBD narrated that Dr. Konteh "D-Unifier" made them proud when he served as a Minister of Trade from 2010 to 2013. As Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Konteh led the development and implementation of the Trade Policy and provided policy guidance and supervision to affiliated institutions. He established the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Fund that provided affordable loans to SMEs. He developed and domesticated the Local Content Policy (now Local Content Law) of Sierra Leone. He registered marked improvements in Sierra Leone's Ease of Doing Business rankings, achieving the 6th most improved country in the world for Ease of Doing Business. He rebranded Sierra Leone around the world and attracted more investors to Sierra Leone than ever in the history of this country. He hosted the first-ever investment forum in Sierra Leone, attracting over 300 reputable investors.

Today, most traders across the country have been able to own shops where they can conveniently sell their goods. These traders today showed their appreciation to Dr. Konteh for negotiating small business loans that allowed them to travel to China to purchase goods for the first time. "We, the petty traders, are ready to do everything for Dr. Richard Konteh to succeed," they assured.


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