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Dr. Richard Konteh Rocks Kamakwie

D-Unifier receives a rousing welcome in Kamakwie.

Dr. Konteh today Saturday June 12 received a rousing welcome in Kamakwie, the headquarter town of Karene district in the northern province. He was welcomed with different descriptions and labelling viz - father, teacher, brother, mentor and hero that they (the people of Kamakwie) strongly believe in.

Albert A. Kargbo, the youth leader of Kamakwie expressed the readiness of youths in the Karene district to stand with Dr. Konteh whom he said has sacrificed a lot to promote the ideologies of the APC especially in the south-east. Since the party went into opposition he said, "you have been the only top gun in the APC that has demonstrated leadership. And we the youth will without hesitation stand by you." For the APC he further stated that "they are red and ready."

Speaker after speaker spoke highly of Dr. Richard Konteh's contributions to the Kamakwie community and profoundly expressed appreciation. They recognized the teaching service rendered by his father Mr. Kanda Barnet Konteh in the late 60s and later himself to the Kamakwie community. "Kamakwie will always ready to reciprocate," they promised.

In his brief response, Dr. Konteh admonished his mammoth audience that in as much as they have claimed to be red and ready, they should take the NCRA registration and verification exercise very seriously. "It is only when you register that you can be able to vote for APC come 2023" he said, adding that "the worst APC is better than the best SLPP." He noted that the APC could have long completed the Makeni-Kamakwie-Madidawula road construction had the party continued in governance. The APC he emphasized, considered Kamakwie very important and therefore made it the headquarter town of the newly established Karene district with the intention to accord the township with all the amenities of district headquarter towns. "We shall accomplish that when we regain power in 2023", he assured.


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