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Dr. Richard Konteh Interacts with Fellow APCians at Mix Flavour

As grassroot politician, Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) had a successful interactive session with fellow APCians at Mix Flavour in the evening hours of Wednesday August 17th.

As a politician with a liberal mind and a genuine intention to lead the APC in 2023, Dr. Konteh commended the membership of Mix Flavour for being so democratic. “Despite the different camps you belong to,” he said, “you still recognized yourselves as one family. I wish this could be translated to the bigger APC, where every aspirant could see themselves as one and the same people.”

“Democracy,” he said, “gives right to everybody to stand for what he believes in. Tagging people with wrong labelling just because they stand for what they believe in is a recipe for disunity and discord in the party,” he further expressed.

Dr. Richard Konteh called on all fellow APCians to rightly use their conscience to judge aspirants who want to lead the APC party based on their actions demonstrated over the years, and not just by mere rhetorics. “The good thing is,” he said, “we have no stranger in the race this time. You have had the opportunity to know us in government, and even after we had lost power in April 2018.”

“APC at this particular time need a leader who is willing and determined to lead from the front. You cannot use your B team to play in a champions’ league finals,” Dr. Konteh emphasized.

In his response, Comrade Winston Crowther, alias Wasa-Wasa, highly commended the efforts of Dr. Richard Konteh for projecting the image of the APC party over the years. He said, “Dr. Richard Konteh, with every due respect, has been the only high-profile APC politician that has directly represented the party in almost all bye-elections across the country. His representation has greatly helped to project the image of the APC party especially in the south-east,” he emphasized. “Dr. Konteh's effort to the party is worth recognizing and worthy of praise,” comrade Crowther reiterated.

Giving a vote of thanks to Dr. Konteh and team, Comrade Minkailu Payamba Koroma described Dr. Richard Konteh as exceptional character in moving the party forward.

“Dr. Richard Konteh like every other like-minded APCian he said, was in favour of reforms in the party, but never favoured the idea of taking the party to court. This was why he played a critical role in breaching peace between the National Reformation Movement (NRM) and the party.”

Comrade Minkailu said, Dr. Richard Konteh is the only flag bearer aspirant who the party's assignment supersedes his personal campaign activities. This was why he was commended by Chairman and Leader His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma (former) in one of their meetings in Makeni.

Comrade Minkailu concluded by referring to Dr. Richard Konteh as a politician who is ready to embrace everybody irrespective of where their loyalty belongs.


Lovette Roberts
Lovette Roberts

Its all been said Dr. Go R.K.

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