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Dr. Richard Konteh - A Proven Grassroot Politician

Nothing, But The Truth.

Drawing your attention to the emerging events undertaken by Dr. Richard Konteh and his Unifier team short while ago, Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad have described Dr. Richard Konteh as the only grassroot politician that has in many occasions demonstrated readiness to take on the SLPP come 2023. He has been the only flag bearer aspirant that has been bold enough to take parts in all bye-elections conducted in the country, including the southeast where many consider as extremely hostile place for the opposition APC. It is worthy to note that Dr. Konteh has not just been merely participating in bye-elections but rather providing financial, material and strategic supports to the APC party in all bye-elections across the country. With these unequal supports, every well meaning and reasonable APC supporter has considered Dr. Richard Konteh as a force to reckon with.

In the recent bye-election in Ward 350, Constituency 099 in Pujehun district, the participation of Dr. Richard Konteh and team in that election undoubtedly yielded fruits thereby preventing not only the usual ballots stuffing and blotting percentage of voter turnout, but rather considerably increased the percentage of votes for the opposition APC to 20.3 percent of the overall total votes cast just as he did in the Kailahun district some few months ago.

Apparently, Dr. Richard Konteh's courage, prowess and bravery shown over the years for the APC party cannot be overemphasized. He has evidently done a lot to embolden APC supporters across the country. His interactive character disposition and simplicity has clearly substantiated the claim of him being a grassroot politician with true aim and determination to unifier and make mama Salone a better place to live.

D-Unifier Media Team

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Ibrahim Jah Sesay
Ibrahim Jah Sesay
30 de jun. de 2021

Wonderful. He is the chosen one.

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