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Dr. Richard Konteh: A Leader with Compassionate Empathy

Some of the greatest leaders we’ve ever been with or read about have demonstrated compassion using two key elements: intention and impact. These are the cornerstones to leading with compassion. While there are many excellent managers, truly transformational leaders are scanning for intent and impact, which is where compassion resides.

How does intention and impact play into compassionate leadership?

INTENTION – is the desired outcome. A vision or possibility that moves people into action. IMPACT – is the destination of a leader’s contribution and conversation.

We so often listen to people talk about the need to show compassion and empathy. We often hear people talk of: The Leader who cannot relate to his people, and the people who do not relate to the Leader. Nonetheless, if we desire for others to believe in our strides and feelings, why do people often fail to reciprocate?

Honestly, many of us aren't willing to invest those resources for the benefit of too many people. And even when one is motivated to show compassion or empathy, doing so is never easy. But if we are not compassionate or we do not show empathy, relationships in society could deteriorate. Taking the initiative to show empathy can make societies better places to live and make our Sierra Leone a better country for all —because when communities feel our leaders understand them, they are more likely to reciprocate the effort and try harder to deliver what we ask of them- and that is compassionate empathy.

Compassionate empathy (also known as empathic concern) goes beyond simply understanding others and sharing their feelings: it actually moves us to take action, to help in whatever way we can.

Dr. Richard Konteh showed the Mgboteh Community what compassionate empathy is by adopting little Master Conteh (an orphan in Photo). The little man’s welfare, schooling and general wellbeing is now the responsibility of D-UNIFIER. Well done Dr. Konteh- we believe in you.


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