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D-Unifier Wins the Hearts of Local Chiefs

One of the attributes of a leader is the ability to see more and before others see. If it sounds like a leader should be able to see the future, that’s exactly the point. Leaders need to be attuned to the world around them—everything from the market to the culture at large.

Dr. Richard Konteh’s rise has been built in part on the idea that he represents a break from the established identities that have defined many of our nation’s divisions and politics. To many, he embodies a promise to bridge all regions - east, north, south and west, and a promise to a better Sierra Leone.

In following D-Unifier campaign, one gets to understand that the purpose of unifying is to bring energy/belief to the people. Unification is agreeing and acting in accordance with a set of values and a common goal. The purpose of joining together in community is to reflect to each other what needs to be understood to be more of ourselves as a collective.

Dr. Konteh is making his unifying impact little by little, community after community. He is geared up to fight for a better Sierra Leone. He is a force for good that cannot be ignored anymore! On Monday, May 3rd, 2021, Dr. Konteh and his Unifier Team paid a courtesy visit to the local Western Area Chiefs at the Boston Community Center. The atmosphere was electrifying. One can feel a real sense of both excitement and desperation at the same time. It is affirmative that we are living through challenging times that call for skillful, values-based leadership, and Dr. Konteh is proving to be the complete package.

During the meeting, Dr. Konteh aroused the crowd's emotions when he said,

over the years, I have listened, and I have learned from those who feel most forgotten. I assure you that we D-Unifier, we take our part in not only unifying, but also in serving our communities, very seriously.”

He then distributed bags of rice, sugar, and a "decent" envelope - a much welcomed gesture especially during this time of Ramadan. The Chiefs took turns, expressing their gratitude and wishing Dr. Konteh every success in all his endeavors.

“To achieve the change the country wants,” one of the Chief says, “we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics and bring everyone together to get things done. You are our man!

The local Chiefs at the Boston Community Center unanimously promised that Dr. Konteh should always count on them to support him.


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