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It Takes a Team

The Impact Makers 

Dr. Richard Konteh

Dr. Richard Konteh and D-Unifier team supports candidates who are lifting up the issues facing this and subsequent generations; who are committed to building a sense of belonging in our country; who are running pioneering campaigns; who are proposing and supporting meaningful, bold policies; and who model the values and spirit of D-Unifier.

Meet the candidates endorsed by Dr. Richard Konteh & D-Unifier Team

Dr. Richard Konteh endorses Kadie Davies

"Kadie Davies is a fierce and independent advocate for her Constituency. She is ready to be a powerful voice for her constituents. She's the champion that Sierra Leone needs and I hope you’ll join me in supporting Kadie Davies in her run for Constituency 110." - Dr. Richard Konteh 

When The Lawyer (Abu Bakarr Kalokoh) and The Unifier (Dr. Richard Konteh) Met, The Feeling Was Mutual

Lawyer Kalokoh and Richard Konteh

In a commendable move, lawyer Kalokoh hosted Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) in his Freetown office this afternoon December 2nd.

The two titans spoke about a range of issues. From the current state of the APC to the path forward for the All Peoples Congress Party. 

In his remarks, lawyer Kalokoh welcomed Dr. Konteh and thanked him for answering the unity call. Lawyer Kalokoh pledged his commitment to promote peace and unity within the Party.  He emphasized the need for all flagbearer and other aspirants to promote their aspirations in an atmosphere of camaraderie and commonality. "We are one and the same" the astute lawyer remarked. "We must therefore support each other, and the APC Party" he concluded.

In responding Dr. Richard Konteh laid out his vision for a united APC ahead of the 2023 elections. Dr. Konteh reported the significant progress he has made in bringing all Party stakeholders to the table. He thanked Lawyer Kalokoh for hosting him and for extending a hand of brotherhood. The duo pledged to work hand in hand until complete peace and unity is accomplished, prior to taking on President Bio in 2023.

APC Kailahun District Executive Say "we stand with Dr. Richard Konteh without fear and hesitation"

Richard Konteh in Mobai

Dr. Richard Konteh received rousing welcome by the APC Party Kailahun District Executive in Mobai Town, Mandu Chiefdom. Dr. Richard Konteh was in Mobai Town to sympathize with the bereaved family of late Lawyer Joseph Gomoi Kobba. 

Upon hearing of the visit of D-Unifier in Mobai town, the Kailahun District Executive members of the mighty APC came in to welcome Dr. Richard Konteh, saying that he has been the only high political figure that identified with them after the 2018 general elections. For this singular reason "we are ready to forever stand by you without fear and hesitation", they said.  They told Dr. Richard Konteh that even though he came to mourn with the bereaved family of late Lawyer Joseph Kobba, it behooves them to come in their numbers to welcome him in high spirit.


dr. richard konteh

Prior to the 2018 general elections we experienced so many things that if at all we mean it to regain power 2023 our leadership MUST be fearless, efficient and effective!. Amongst all other aspirants contesting for the position of a flagbearer under the umbrella of the APC party, having gone through numerous feasibility studies, I came to realised that Dr. Richard Konteh is the appropriate person to take on the SLPP 2023. I know others will want to perceive me to be mono focal and perhaps describe me as a beneficiary of Dr. Richard Konteh. I differ from this precept and remain candid to save our victory 2023.


I have tour across the country to assess the strength of our aspirants for the position of a flagbearer, the name that is monotonous in each and every District, Region was Dr. Richard Konteh!. My question to ascertain this fact was; " Is it true that Dr. Richard Konteh is the only person that has gone round the southeast " ?.


Interestingly enough, places like; Kenema, Pujehun, Bo, Kailahun, Koidu, Dabu, Shagbema, to name a few Dr. Richard Konteh have massaged  these places single handedly without any financial support from the APC party Secretariat....... Could Dr. Richard Konteh be an indicator of victory?.


Virtually so, the reasons are sufficient for the APC party to choose Dr. Richard Konteh as the next flagbearer for the 2023 general elections if we are to clinch VICTORY with no stumbling block. 

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